We’ve been manufacturing sash and case windows for almost a decade and over the years we have built a reputation for excellent craftsmanship.

Manufactured from high quality redwood timber and now also in Accoya, our windows are guaranteed to have a long and lasting life with the proper care.

We manufacture our sash windows in traditional fashion using mortise and tenon joinery bonded with modern glues for a long lasting and secure finish.  In historic windows with multi pane astragals we can adapt the joinery to suit 14mm double glazed units whilst keeping within Listed building regulations.

Our machines are set up for the most common moldings such as Ovolo, Newtown(old Edinburgh), Popes Hat and we will also grind cutters to match individual and less common moldings as required.

We supply our windows single glazed or with double glazed units made by our glazing department at ESC Glass.  These units, made to suit a wide range of thermal U values with varying costs allow us to meet building regulations and come with a replacement guarantee.